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How many heavyweight champs can you name?

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Just had a crack at this on sporcle, managed a poor 89, missed some obvious "titleholders" of the last 20 years or so
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I got a pretty poo 71, I was on a conference call during this time so that's the excuse I'm sticking with.

I missed out some really obvious ones though, Marciano being the worst!

I take solace in that each era was well represented in my list, with no major gaps. I should have got the easier recent beltholders like Chagaev and Valuev though, easy points. :-(
valuev got me, and i couldnt remember michael moorer ffs! ive had a go at a few others and they are infuriating
Ah, I got Moorer.

The method I should have used is trying to trace the title when it changed hands rather than just come up with names without using any proper method.
I got 114 the 80s and the recent funny Russian sounding ones all fucked me up. I was a lot lower but then in the last few mins the 80s crowd all came back to me. I thought the really old ones would be hardest but its the 80s onwards. Some real bums had the title.
I think the older ones are easier because you're only dealing with the Heavyweight champion, once you get to the most recent decades you're having to deal with alphabet titlists which can be easy to forget, the only saving grace with that is that atleast they're more recent so that counterbalances it somewhat.

Can't believe that I'm the worst at this.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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