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How many people here consider Joe Louis the greatest HW ever ??

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I just wanna know how many are like me and consider Louis the number 1 at HW...and greater than Ali.....
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Right behind Ali. You simply can't (IMO) overcome Ali's resume. It's impossible. Louis' era hurts him in this regard.
Ali´s resume is better.....but is it enough to surpass Joe´s dominance ?
No, IMO......Ali never beat Frazier showing real Frazier did, in the first to me, Ali´s resume is more about Liston and Foreman...and I consider both great wins but a tad overrated, especially the Foreman one (I don´t consider Liston a great fighter).
The way Louis dominated his era was more impressive IMO.
1. Louis was dominant... but if he had the occasional Frazier or Foreman peppered into his Bum of the Month club, the "dominance" argument wouldn't exist because Louis would've picked up a loss or two and broke up the consecutive years stretch Louis had. So, Louis' strongest argument is slightly skewed by (much) inferior competition.
But maybe he would beat Frazier more convincingly than Ali....but yeah, I won´t disagree with you, I´s okay.

I don´t agree that it was much inferior competition btw.....
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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