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I would merge the BBBOC with the all the individuals ABA's to have 1 umbrella body for both the paid and unpaid ranks.

I would remove the Area structure and have a well resourced National Council sub comittees which can meet around the country.

I would reduce the age you can fight for a British belt to 18 instead of the age 20 limit.

I would look at titles:

The British belt still has the prestige, but other titles need looking at.

The English & Celtic need more promotion and marketing - maybe a Queensbury belt for keeps after 2 or 3 defences

I would replace Area titles with Regional belts - A Southern belt which covers the whole area from Cornwall to Norwich, a London belt due to the population density. A Londoner would be eligible for the London & Souther belts and 2 Londoners could meet in a unification match. I would have a Midlands belt, a Northern belt covering all the North past the Midlands, but would also have a North East & North West belt. Someone for the North East or West would also be eligible for the Northern belt.
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