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How to promote forum posts to articles

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This is useful for if you want to create a front page article based on a forum post.

It could be a news story that's been posted but hasn't yet got an article about it, an interesting post that can be made to stand out, anything really.

You can promote other people's posts as articles if you wish (you might wanna get their permission but it should be cool), but when you do this, but note that their username will be credited as the author of the article.

If you're not sure how to create articles at all yet then check this guide out first:

How to promote forum posts to articles

1. At the bottom left of the post, click the 'Promote to Article' link. This will take you to the Edit Article page.

2. Change the title to a relevant headline if necessary.

3. The forum post will show in the article text box. You'll need to add the colour code: [ COLOR="#ff6e0e" ] at the start and [ /COLOR ] at the end, without the spaces between the brackets.

4. You can change the text in the article how you like so it's worded better as an article perhaps, and be sure to include an image so it gets displayed on the front page content slider as well as the PRBREAK code to stop the preview running on too long.

5. You can now decide whether you want the article to have it's own thread or not. If you want to keep the story within the original thread: under 'Display Settings' on the right side, select 'Yes' for 'Keep Original Thread' and 'All Comments'. If you want to branch the post off into a new thread just select 'No' to the Keep Thread option.

6. Once again change the publishing or other settings how you see fit. Then highlight the relevant section for the new article and select the categories it fits.

7. Save then publish it the same as with any other article.

Again any questions or problems ask away :good
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Nice one Roe
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