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howard winstone vs barry mcguigan

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battle of british feathers , winstone vs mcguigan over 15 rounds
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I know Barry had his career highlights and I have respect for him, but from what I've seen winstone is simply the better fighter. That jab of his was no joke and will do a lot of scoring here for me. The styles match up is one that Barry will like however, his opponent standing off him, he likes that, as it gives him the opportunity to think set up attacks before he goes to head and body with his heavy hooks, but I just think that winstone will be too active in his own right, especially with the jab, to let Barry turn that opportunity into a win for himself. Winstone on points for me.
This, pretty much. Winstone was also a good bit tougher and more rugged than what he gets credit for imo and wasn't scared to dog it out when the occasion called for it. Saldivar hit him with some brutal stuff in their first two fights and he was there to the end, making it close. Buchanan, McGowan and Rudkin were similar in this regard. A good match up for Barry in some ways stylewise and one where he probably wins his share of rounds, but Winstone was more bothered by fast, straight sharpshooting than he was by the hook, which he was adept at blocking, slipping and picking off with his guard. McGuigan also didn't have the extra turn of pace that Saldivar had in the championship rounds. Howard, 10-5ish imo.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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