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I have my favourite all time fights but what fights got you sucked in from beginning to end even if the fight wasn't a classic.

List 5 fights you got the buzz for:

Bowe - Holyfield 2 - Evander going to become 3rd man to regain Heavyweight title

Benn - Barkley - Massive Barkley fan, first time I had an hangover on wine as got pissed when Iran lost

Hagler - Hearns - The hyperbole sucked you in & fight wasn't that bad either

Froch - Bute - Massive test for Carl which turned into one sided beat down

Holyfield - Tyson - Being Holyfield fan was curious to how it played out, My first time PPV event

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Bute-Froch - I was going and am a massive Cobra fan so there were real nerves for me
Martinez-Chavez - Not sure why but i couldnt get enough of the 24/7s or Face offs etc, i was so excited
Chisora-Haye - It was just a fun build up and fun fight
DeGale-Groves - Not sure why this one gripped me so much but it really intrigued me
Pac-Marquez V - Had a feeling this fight might be good, but not that good!

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im 26, fights i was alive and excited for

tyson v lewis

holyfield v lewis's

tyson v holyfield's

bowe v holyfield 1 or 2
one of my first boxing memories was my oldman saying not sure who he wants to win bowe/holyfield because he was massive fan of both, and remember watching it eating milk and cookies at whatever time in the morning lol not sure whever it was 1 or 2 though...

as a kid most of the naz fights had me hyped...

super hyped for last pac v marquez fight

if a fight gives you butterflys seconds before the bell rings you know its big fight... to you atleast...
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