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I became a titleholder after killing a man i kod...I was part of a great quintet of fighters.I am ?

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Today I am SADLY underated as one of the very best fighters of my division. No one was any tougher than i, who after a tragic bout in which my opponent
died, I went on to become a champ of my tough division...Too bad i am virtually forgotten today...Too bad ! Who AM I ?
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This could be any of the following plus several more that I didn't put in.

Bob Fitzsimmons
Kid Lavigne
Jack Root
Bud Taylor
Sammy Mandell
Max Baer
Primo Carnera
Lou Ambers
John Henry Lewis
Ezzard Charles
Alan Minter
Marlon Starling
Barry McGuigan
Jimmy Barry
Young Griffo
Jess Willard

So lets see, most of these guys are pretty well known. You might be talking about Kid Lavigne, who killed Andy Bowen, with Joe Walcott, Jimmy Handler, Mysterious Billy Smith and Charlie McKeever finishing the quintet of fighters. It could also be Sammy Mandell, Bud Taylor or Lou Ambers, But like I said, there pretty well known.
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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