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I still think Manny Pac has years left in him.

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Just me? He's a fun fighter, you put him in with fighters that fight and it's always ace. If his chin isn't cracked which I personally don't think it will be, he'll still dominate at Welterweight. Might lose once or twice though.
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Pacquiao vs Rios
Marquez vs Bradley

Winners fight.

Pacquiao looked utterly superb on Saturday I thought. He arguably won more rounds against Marquez in that fight than he did in their third encounter. He took an absolute bomb in the 3rd round and recovered straight away, and even after the monster KO, he was back on his feet giving an interview. Insane recovery powers. He still has a lot left and, Floyd aside, I think he could potentially beat everyone from 147 down, including Marquez.
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