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I still think Manny Pac has years left in him.

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Just me? He's a fun fighter, you put him in with fighters that fight and it's always ace. If his chin isn't cracked which I personally don't think it will be, he'll still dominate at Welterweight. Might lose once or twice though.
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To be fair, he took the first knockdown fairly well.
The first knockdown didn't have him completely unconscious for a minute.
Some fighters recover. We'll see. Happened to Duran.
Mayweather obviously. I think Robert Guerrero could upset the apple cart. Maybe Matthyse if he moves up. Everyone else he banjo's (don't fucking say Kell Brook.)
And people have got to understand he fought a completely different fight to one he usually would and its not like Marquez hasn't hit him with massive shots when he gets overactive before. I was watching the third fight by accident and didn't click on until like the 4th, 5th round when the action was slow and Emanuel Steward was having a chat. Then I put the fourth fight on and it was a completely different fight. Very fast paced, Pacquiao was chasing him down, and if he's going to do that, he's going to get hit more by Marquez. People weren't saying PEDs about Pacquiao when he flattened Ricky Hatton, they were saying it after his performances against Cotto and Margarito which are completely different performances. Marquez count him with counter punches and he's not feather fisted. JMM can be pretty fucking brutal when he wants to be, actually.
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1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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