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I still think Manny Pac has years left in him.

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Just me? He's a fun fighter, you put him in with fighters that fight and it's always ace. If his chin isn't cracked which I personally don't think it will be, he'll still dominate at Welterweight. Might lose once or twice though.
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I was watching the third fight by accident and didn't click on until like the 4th, 5th round when the action was slow and Emanuel Steward was having a chat.
So Rios jus gone to LW, now he has to jump to WW to face a shop soiled Manny. Manny has already lost to a natural 135/140 operator and cleaned right out, while he has an ok KO record Marquez has never really been a "power" puncher, hes just nearly killed Manny cold stone dead for a few seconds I thought he was dead!......Rios has solid power, better than Marquez's power IMO and Rios can take whats comes his way no problems..He ruins Manny just like a whole host of fighters not fighting at 150 etc and shit......This is what may well happen to Khan as well, try to learn to box, think your clever bob your head and body coming in throwing feints, and then "ooh shit, I'm in range here, and my hands are down, ahhh shit" roll the credits.

Here he comes.
The Boxer always beats the puncher man......Unless the boxer is seriously shit and china chinned.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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