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If Guillermo Rigondeaux and Abner Mares fought...

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Where would the winner place on your p4p list? Considering both are now generally regarded as top 10, I usually see somewhere in the 6-10 range. Would the winner crack your top 3? What would each man need to do to be in consideration for the p4p 1 spot?

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I think the winner would crack the top 3 for me
Then what would each man need to do to flirt with that number 1 spot? Just continue beating top level fighters?

If Rigo gets wins over Terrazas, Leo Santa Cruz and Mares it'd be very easy to make a case for him being p4p1. Likewise if Mares beats say Rigo, Gary Russell and Mikey Garcia.
Yeah something like that, i mean i already had rigo at no10 (where some people thought i was silly) before the donaire fight based on his pure skill so it doesnt take much to move him up. And i rate Mares highly also so wins over eachother and then over the names you mentioned would probably get them into my no 1 spot. If donaire beat rigo then he wouldve gone to my no1 spot at least until mayweather fought guerrero
If this or rigo-santa cruz were the fights to end the promotional cold war stateside i'd be very happy
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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