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If Guillermo Rigondeaux and Abner Mares fought...

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Where would the winner place on your p4p list? Considering both are now generally regarded as top 10, I usually see somewhere in the 6-10 range. Would the winner crack your top 3? What would each man need to do to be in consideration for the p4p 1 spot?

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Not interested in P4P as I think it's a lot of bollocks; I'm on my phone so I'm going to be a lazy bugger and C&P my post from another forum:

If Mares is at his absolute best and Rigo isn't Mares could give him trouble. He can box; has a good jab, hand speed, puts combinations together well, knows when to go to the body. He's got a solid chin. He's able to pit pressure on his opponent round after round. And he knows how to fight dirty if need be.

But I don't think his style matches up well with Rigo. Rigo is quick enough that Mares can pressure him for rounds on end and not smother him; I think he'd get picked apart instead. And while Mares' shots aren't wild, Rigo has the hand eye coordination to counter just about anyone's punches before they even land. I think Mares would end up having to chase the fight and end up eating hard blows. Rigo wouldn't mind just boxing off the back foot even if the crowd are jeering; Mares would. And even if he didn't he can't outbox Rigo at range.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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