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If only Frank Warren & Eddie Hearn could work together both pre-xmas shows could be awesome

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Rees could appear on 15.12.12 to take on Burns

BJ Saunders could appear on 8.12.12 to fight Barker

O'meara could face Ochieng
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They won't work with each other until either Sky ditch matchroom sports (which isn't likely to happen anytime soon) or box nation folds (also unlikely if the rumoured subscriber numbers are true?). And, whilst they're on rival tv networks no deal will ever be made between the two unless members of either parties fight stable become "mandatory" challengers to the other. And, in all likelyhood that would then probably become a PPV or box office style event because neither network would accept a 60/40 split of the gate/tv fees.

It's also really healthy for them not to work together as they're both trying to out-do each other and the only real winner is the viewer.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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