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Ohio's World Heavyweight Champion 1990

James "Buster" Douglas (born April 7, 1960) is a Columbus boxer who moved from relative obscurity to the heavyweight champion of the world on Feb. 10, 1990, after knocking out Mike Tyson in the 10th round in Tokyo.

* May 30, 1981: Buster's first pro fight is in Columbus, where he knocked out Dan O'Malley in the third round.

* May 12, 1982: Buster's brother Arthur is killed when a pistol falls off the refrigerator at a friend's house accidentally discharges and hits Arthur, 17, in the neck.

* July 2, 1987: Buster married Bertha M. Paige.

* January 18, 1990: Just 23 days before the championship battle in Tokyo with Mike Tyson, Buster's mother, Lula Pearl Douglas, 47, died after suffering a stroke in her Linden home.

* Feb. 10, 1990: In one of the biggest upsets in boxing history, Buster knocks out Mike Tyson, the undisputed heavyweight champion, at 1:23 of the 10th round of their scheduled 12-round fight in the Tokyo Dome to win the heavyweight boxing championship. Douglas came back after being knocked down in the 8th round. The sanctioning body, the International Boxing Federation, immediately recognized Buster as the champion.

* Feb. 13, 1990: The other two boxing sanctioning bodies, the World Boxing Council and the World Boxing Association, recognized Buster as the champion after investigating a protest by boxing promoter Don King.

* March 8, 1990: Buster was officially presented with the World Boxing Council championship belt at Valley Dale ballroom in Columbus.

* March 29, 1990: Buster appeared at a Senate subcommittee meeting to challenge President Bush's plan to drastically cut funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

* Aug. 8, 1990: Buster helped open the Ohio State Fair by being on hand to represent one of that year's three themes. Buster represented "talent." Buster also was featured in a butter sculpture at the fair.

* Aug. 28, 1990: Buster presented a $10,000 check to Police Chief James Jackson to financially support the Police Athletic League and re-establish its boxing program.

* Sept. 8, 1990: Buster dotted the "i" in the Ohio State University Marching Band's script Ohio.

* Oct. 25, 1990: Buster loses his heavyweight title to Evander Holyfield during the third round of their fight in the outdoor arena at the Mirage hotel.

* Oct. 11, 1991: Buster is inducted into the Columbus Hall of Fame, along with Melvin B. Dodge and Bobby Rahal.

* Feb. 15, 1992: Buster made his television acting debut as a prison inmate on the syndicated series Street Justice.

* June 5, 1992: The City of Columbus filed a $459,538.05 suit against Buster for back taxes, interest and penalties.

* May 17, 1993: Buster appeared in a spread in Sports Illustrated magazine.

* Nov. 13, 1993: The Lula Pearl Douglas Recreation Center opened. At the time this facility was the largest center owned by the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department.

* March 8, 1996: Buster donated about $25,000 to create a computer lab to offer free computer instruction to children and adults in Columbus.

* Dec. 14, 1998: Buster's brother Robert L. Douglas is killed in the Orchid Cleaning Center parking lot on Cleveland Avenue. He was involved in a gun fight with two unknown men resulting in Robert being shot in the stomach and dying in the hospital later that evening.

* January 1999: Pluto's Plight, a (full-length video) science fiction comedy, shot in Columbus in which Buster portrays an FBI Agent, opened.

* Oct. 7, 1999: William L. Douglas II, Buster's father and former heavyweight champion, died of colon cancer.

* June 8, 2006: Buster Douglas waits in a car outside the BMV service center on Alum Creek Drive while his brother William L. Douglas III goes inside to obtain a motorcycle permit. William allegedly used Buster's operator's license and Social Security number to obtain the permit.

* July 18, 2006: Buster and his brother appear in Franklin County Municipal Court on misdemeanor charges. William L. Douglas III is charged with falsifying an application for an Ohio driver's license, and Buster is charged with complicity.

* November 2006: The Dispatch reports that a warrant has been issued for the former champion's arrest because he failed to pay $406 in fines and court costs for the June offense.

* Nov. 15, 2006: The arrest warrant is canceled when Douglas pays the outstanding fines and court costs.

* April 26, 2007: Douglas says that he is teaming with Columbus developer Joe Recchie to turn 4 acres on the Near East Side into a condominium and retail development. The partnership between Douglas Development and Community Building Partners is expected to yield 72 two- and three-bedroom town houses and up to 10,000 square feet of retail space along E. Main Street.

Source: Dispatch research


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Watch these if you want to know what happened to his money, and how naiver boxers can be.

Apologies for the bell-end host though.

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