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James DeGale returns on March 23rd against Pablo Farias

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fighting in a shopping center again??? is he gonna get his food shopping in after the fight??? and putting mbe on the flyers is a joke, i really cant stand mick hennesey, wouldnt be suprised to hear hes gonna have his next card in sainsburys car park...

i said this before, i think degale has been declining as of late, i never thought hes as good as he thinks he is, but degale is way above fighting in shopping centers, weigh ins take place in shopping centers, not fights! i dont know how someone whos had the hights that degale has, like selling out the 02 arena to fighting in bluewater or lakeside can get up for a fight like that...

everything about c5 boxing seems bias and schitt, even al berstein comes of bias on there, and ive always like al...
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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