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James Degale's Channel 5 debut

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Degale makes his channel 5 debut on October 13th at Bluewater shopping centre, defending his European Super Middleweight title.

According to Boxing News, he will fight either Finland's 18-0 Niko Jokinen

Or Frenchmen Hadillah Mohoumadi 13-2 (which looks more likely according to the WWW).

On the undercard, we have TBA going for the record. He fights Kid Galahad, Dillian Whyte, Phil Fury AND Chris Eubank Jr. We also have ex British Champion Lenny Daws taking on Ville Piispanen for the vacant European Union title.

Strangely enough, I think I might go to this. I can't imagine tickets being expensive, and the venue is only 20 minutes from the missus. Anyone else thinking of going to this?
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I wouldn't advise staying in London if you're thinking of going to it mate. Bluewater is actually in Kent, and depending on where you're staying, you would be absolute miles away. If you're thinking of it, I'd recommend staying in Kent or maybe Essex which would be a lot cheaper. You'd probably be looking somewhere between 50-60 quid a night, which isn't too bad if you have someone to share the accommodation with. And I'm pretty sure there is a premier Inn next to Bluewater itself.
Cool, I might see if anyone fancies it. I've got one more weekender in me this year
:happy let me know mate, we'll go for a beer
My geographys shit like but if I went could I get smashed in London for the day and find my way to Kent late afternoon. Couple of things I want to do in the capital whilst I'm down that way.
Yup. You can get a train to Ebbsfleet from St Pancras which takes 15 minutes I think. You'll need to get a bus from there tho, but I'm pretty sure it's an express bus that goes straight there
Haven't met anyone at uni that likes boxing yet (*******) otherwise I might have gone. Strange place to have boxing.
What uni do you go to Baj?
Sorry to hear that, mate.
:lol: ooh shit!

Enjoy Baj! If you can pop down for it give me a shout.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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