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James Toney shut out by Lucas Browne

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Overlooked On This Weekend Of Big Fights:

As you can see from this recent clip, Toney is in tip top shape:

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Fucking hell, wheeling out McCall and Toney on one card.

I seriously didn't know that McCall was still fighting.
They get all the big names in Australia. If you look at the names at the bottom McCall's son was down to fight as well (that underlines how ancient McCall is). I think that poster is out of date, according to Boxrec Kevin Johnson is now down to fight Haumono.
Let's take a guess at Toney's weight, I'm saying 240lbs.
:yep It's cool bruh, we're all friends here. Except for Jay, he's a heathen.

Kevin Johnson being added to the card.:lol: Props to those in the audience who make it through this event.
I've already encountered this Jay fellow in the 'David Haye eyeing Tyson Fury fight' thread. I wonder if the winner of Johnson v Haumono is being lined up for the winner of Toney v Browne? Could you imagine Toney v Johnson?
Could it be the first fight where both men attempt to lay on the ropes for the duration?
Toney weighed in a 249.9 lbs, fully clothed, wearing shoes. So unless his clothing and footwear weigh 50 lbs, one can assume he's morbidly obese (again).
I was having a look at some old Toney fights on YouTube when I came across this of him against Terry Porter in 1999:

LOOK at his physique (195lbs) he's like a little tank. Go to 6.51 to see a beautiful counter punch from Toney, pure class.
After the disappointment of Audley v Wilder we NEED this to deliver.
But given the relatively low traffic on here you COULD check every thread.

I've just had a PM informing me that you have an established reputation for starting pointless or duplicate threads. Apparently it became such an issue on ESB that your thread starting rights were permanently revoked. Is this correct?
I've since been informed you have difficulty embedding pictures as well.
I am not from ESB though I understand you were (are?) and had certain difficulties there (see above).

Browne wins a wide decision (see Earl Hickey's alternate Browne v Toney thread for scores)
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Wouldn't mind seeing Browne vs Wilder actually
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