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James Toney shut out by Lucas Browne

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Overlooked On This Weekend Of Big Fights:

As you can see from this recent clip, Toney is in tip top shape:

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Fucking hell, wheeling out McCall and Toney on one card.

I seriously didn't know that McCall was still fighting.
Awfully draconian administration round these parts.
If only the CHB Head Moderator was around to clean things up.

Pathetic. On the rare occasion I have transgressed a rule on Boxrec I've received a discreet PM from a Moderator pointing out my error. This chest puffing display of authority from Ross is frankly embarrassing, and if it's an indication of the Moderation I can expect on this site Ross can feel free to ban me if he wishes.
Rick Ross always wanted to be a Hall Monitor when he was at school, he never managed to achieve that lofty accolade so instead is making idle threats on a poxy internet forum.
A lot of negative orgones in this thread.
This. Sadly.
I know that everyone's having a tough time. Sergio has slipped, Khan is shot, Cleverly is on top of the world, but before handing out bans and insults; take a deep breath, look yourself in the mirror and ask "WWTSD?".
@RickRoss it seems a bit extreme banning spot for that. Earl eventually ignored him & he accepted explanation from @Roe. Yeah he stated ban him but he's got a point about maybe sending him a private PM asking him to knock the shit off

I don't exactly see eye to eye with @chacal but it's a forum for opinions, you ain't gonna get on with everyone.

It keeps being stated you want more people on the forum but banning people for virtually fuck all ain't gonna help. Just look at the stats

Members 1,445 - Active Members 228 & dwindling

Also 16534 Spammers Denied Registration, surely not all these are cunts who don't deserve to enter this domain, anyway that's my pennies worth
Bang on, @scribbs.

The fuck did I do :lol:
He is with everything else. Maybe you're right, maybe he's smashing her.
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1 - 11 of 190 Posts
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