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James Toney shut out by Lucas Browne

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Overlooked On This Weekend Of Big Fights:

As you can see from this recent clip, Toney is in tip top shape:

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Could you imagine Toney v Johnson?
I'd rather not.
Toney weighed in a 249.9 lbs, fully clothed, wearing shoes. So unless his clothing and footwear weigh 50 lbs, one can assume he's morbidly obese (again).
Or he's been @Hitting The Weights.
A lot of negative orgones in this thread.
not normal is it.
You're probably not in the best position to take the high ground on alias', Earl. ;)
i've been 60 days clean and sober
Heart and Soul of CHB baby!

Tbf I've started using some of the slang from here in real life. Bishes. Togga. Heauxs. Not to sure what snubs means but it sounds cool so i'll try and slip it in conversation somehow.
Togga. :huh
Hey, I know some slang, Togga is another name for footy :smoke
Is it? :huh

You need an avatar, scribbs.
Think it's turned off, See the thread in suggestions about size of box when posting. I don't see any avatars when I log in now.
That's not good.

I see everyone's but yours
Nah, it's ok. Don't want a page with just one post on it. This was the compromise, I may be able to put an avatar up, but I can't be bothered if I could anyway. No frills person really, that's why I shop at Aldi, well it's fucking cheap as chips as well.
1 - 9 of 190 Posts
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