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James Toney shut out by Lucas Browne

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Overlooked On This Weekend Of Big Fights:

As you can see from this recent clip, Toney is in tip top shape:

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:lol: I was expecting Buckland-Saucedo or Quillin-Guerrero or something, this really did catch me depressingly off-guard.


:yep It's cool bruh, we're all friends here. Except for Jay, he's a heathen.

Kevin Johnson being added to the card.:lol: Props to those in the audience who make it through this event.
I've already encountered this Jay fellow in the 'David Haye eyeing Tyson Fury fight' thread.
He's coming reeeeeeeeealy close to being the first person on my ignore list y'know. I can't fux with dude.

I wonder if the winner of Johnson v Haumono is being lined up for the winner of Toney v Browne? Could you imagine Toney v Johnson?
Could it be the first fight where both men attempt to lay on the ropes for the duration?
It's one for the purists.
As head admin I find the actions in here deplorable to be honest.

I also disapprove of whoever sent that PM because @Earl-Hickey has been pretty cool on CHB y'know, y'all are being myopic.
This guy is wack ^
Oh that's how it is huh? Listen dude we're cool and all but if you need to scrap or somethin' we can do it. We can be all friendly after but 'til then you gon' catch this fade.
All love here.
Hey yo it's cool, we can be all cool and ish but just 'sno that we are finna throw hands dude. You finna be in Dublin, or I'm finna be in wherever you at and we just finna catch a fade is all. Ain't have to be no glocks involved and we can still be pals after ya'hurrrrd.

It's no big thing doe, just know that's wassup.
I'll go to your hometown, fuck a hometown decision, ain't finna be scorecards for this one. Roll one up for after mayne.
Hey ayo that's what's good mayne, we don't have to be greezy or nothin', we just gonna catch this fade and then we can get trippy and play crazy golf together or some shit and it'll be crunk. We're just finna shoot a fair one first, shout out @Chacal.
Yo @Chacal don't get greezy doe, I said we ain't finna get greezy. Don't make this a snubs thing.

Tbg Trout Mask we all knew it was you, heaux. But we were all "she's being cool so she can stay". Stay trilly.
Hey up it's cool so long as you don't do it again, hear dat? I ain't finna cast the first snub.
That's cool @Chacal, just 'sno dat the last person I said this kinda stuff to did get smacced when I saw them next. We still finna be cool doe.
I fux with @scribbs. He's a good dude.

@Chacal real talk don't try tell me I'm frontin'. Ever. Trill say I will run up on you with a spud peeler for that ish. If we finna still be cool don't pull that.
@Ra's al Ghul's misogyny isn't cool. Why can't you acknowledge that we have women hurr, man?
Shout out @Pabby and @Wallet, for some reason their @things didn't work.

You're cool, bruh. Every other admin is sketchy though. Especially Jay.

Also you forgot @Flea Man. Shout out Flea.

Nowt mate really, one was the aids thing (my mate died from a transfusion if you can recall) & said it wasn't cool taking piss & you said sorry tbf. Other was about scoring even rounds where i told you to grow up cos you just came on with Gay or ******.

It's more about me not getting the young speak as I'm 40 mate, so out of loop with young ways. Also, I have friends who swing the other way so don't really get the funny side of that, but I do get that's the way some speak, it just goes over my head as being funny. I do have a sense of humour if you can believe that, it's just more generic I think.

Also sometimes humour doesn't translate too good when typed imo, if it was in person you can see the context, but, in writing it can come across as arrogant & insulting but that's my failing as i sometimes cannot read between the lines. :conf

We are good mate, no worries :thumbsup
In this case I'd like to apologise for every post of mine you've read.:lol:
Actually I don't use homosexual slurs so I'm aight on that front.
:lol: tbh mate, sometimes I just give over with your posts as I don't understand a fucking word of it, no offense
:rofl More than fair.

I was a kinda serious boxing poster back in the day but lately my interest has waned and until I'm back into it completely this is the way it's going..........
I can get away with it at 17
I feel like such a child-groomer.:err
@Pabby, got a question for you. You a Irish guy if I'm correct. When does the Gaelic football season start & end?
I am the resident Irishman.:eire

Depends which competition you're referring to man, there's the league season and the All-Ireland Championship. I'm guessing you mean the latter, which runs from the end of June 'til the end of September.
Can someone give me a brief synopsis of who the fuck Trout Mask is? or a link to a thread where I'm guessing a meltdown occurred, dunno how I missed any of that. I thought Mr. Spot was a quality poster too :lol:

Agreed we need more people on here, Mr. Spot was the first unfamiliar face I've probably ever seen, & I miss him :sad2
SHE(I'm not trolling here but people keep neglecting this) first became prominent on ESB I think due to trolling Longcount in pretty brilliant fashion on the Brit forum on some thread where LC was complaining about Boxing News' new design. She failed to build upon this well though and quickly fell out of favour with most posters who are not Bryn(think she might be his wife/child or something) and was banned a few times.

CHB was made, her husband/dad invited her over and the same thing has pretty much happened. She's persistent though, like 100+ alts. Shame though, 'cause she was pretty cool as Mr.Spot.:conf

He was one of the worst trolls from ESB and when this place started some moron (@Bryn) invited him over here, he's been an absolute cunt and we've banned so many of his accounts.
Bit rude. Bryn is the man.
And there you have it folks; Trout Mask is in fact Mrs.West.

Can't believe we've cracked this.
James Toney was outpointed.

You aren't invited though Jay so please move along.
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