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Jamie 'Smigga' Smith

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The old ESB boys will remember me doing a thread on the lad a while ago.

But for those who are new, here's the story:

Smigga came to london about a year ago and started training at the TKO gym under Ben Doughty. @Mexican_LP put me in touch with the kid (19) and I did a quick interview with him. He had signed for Spencer Fearon's Hard Knock Promotions, and get Choi ready for Prizefighter (which he won). Long story short, he's head wasnt in the right place, and he moved back up to scotland for a while.

Now, he has come back to london, settled himself down, and is looking to make a go of it. He has uploaded some sparring on facebook (his first spar in 6 months, so go gentle on him), so I thought i'd share as I know a few of you were getting interested in his career.

Anyway, enjoy :good (he is in the red top)

Here is his full YouTube page:
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was sparring with pro fighter frankie monkhouse today and went really well and have remmebered what a jab is ha ha ha ha ha !
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