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-=( JAPANESE BOXING )=- Kosei, Inoue, Murata, Yaegashi all in action this weekend!

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Ioka unifies WBC/WBA Minimumweight belts in WAR!

Kazuto Ioka won the historical unification bout in Japan on June 20 following 12 rounds of great action that so a very close, competitive fight. Akira Yaegashi had to fight through two swollen eyes and he did it with great success, it just wasn't enough in the end according to the judges. Could've gone either way and as good as it was, the rematch is surely in the works. I'll post the video if I find it.

No HD video yet, but the Japanese usually put it up on youtube so I'll post it when they do, you'll have to settle for SD for now

The Japanese boxing scene offers a lot of quality, skills, excitement, solid fights, it is worthy of it's own thread, especially as a rare unification is coming up on June 20! A short overlook of the current scene:

Takahiro Ao defended his WBC SFW title via very close decision vs. Terdsak Kokietgym

Takashi Uchiyama knocked out interim champ Jorge Solis, fights Michael Farenas on July 16

Toshiaki Nishioka punished ring legend Rafael Marquez in Las Vegas, nothing scheduled at the moment

Shinsuke Yamanaka retained the WBC BW title vs. Vic Darchinyan in a close but clear decision

Koki Kameda defended the WBA BW but not looking good vs Nouldy Manakane

Tamonobu Shimizu lost the WBA SFlyW to talented Thai Tepparith Singwancha

Yota Sato upset WBC SFlyW champ Suriyan Sor Rungvisai, fights Sylvester Lopez on July 7

Kazuto Ioka unified the WBC & WBA minimumweight titles vs. Akira Yaegashi in a war to write Japanese boxing history. they should have a rematch it was so good and competitive

& Hozumi Hasegawa came back with a vengeange, and brutalized unbeaten Felipe Carlos Felix for a mercy 7th round KO
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Wow, @dkos will be saddened.

Good thread, I'll add to it as much as I can and, if it's okay with you, will bring my videos and bio's of the Jap' greats of the past over as well :good
What the fuck is this shit...
:lol: Bring it over, knowing @BigBone he'll lap it up :thumbsup

This will be a special relationship gentlemen. Let's enjoy the jovial Jap' journey :yep
@dkos thought I remembered summat?
@Pabby @BigBone @dkos up for a merge? Or can we sustain a Japan thread as well as a 'rest of the Orient' thread? I can understand if either poster likes their seperate format and wants to continue in their own path of course, just might be a little less cluttered.
@BigBone no worries. Hopefully @dkos will still contribute to this one and non-posters of your old thread will be able to join in as well :good
Shozo Saijo.
Pure brutality that K.O :scaredas:
@dkos Ioka Vs Gonzalez would make everything worthwhile :D
Joyi is wasting away. He'd merc Ioka IMO.
Some nice touches from young Inoue there @dkos
I would absolutely do a U-turn on modern boxing if Ioka, Joyi, Viloria, Gonzalez and Marquez all fought each other at Flyweight :yep

A shootout between Gonzalez and Concepcion will do for starters :hey :bbb
@dkos I've only heard about thus Cuello fella', that he's pretty dangerous...any serious credentials? Any footage??
@dkos Scrap that, just watched him Vs Ganigan Lopez. Seems pretty heavy handed and aggressive but doesn't appear all that to me. Sum him up for me please :good
Nishioka plays into Nonito's hands IMO, unless he gets on his bike.

Can't see him winning at all, I imagine he'll get stung early and then backtrack. One of the best opponents out there for Donaire but one that won't pose him too many problems IMO.
No, WAR Heisenberg :deal :yep
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