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Joe Joyce vs Zhilei Zhang

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Joe Joyce vs Zhilei Zhang announced for April 15th.

Fair play to Joyce its a fight he did not need to take. And presents a serious risk. Zhang can bang and Joyce Loves to defend punches with his face.

Interesting to see how this plays out. This is potentially the last hurdle for Joyce before he fights Fury in the Summer.
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A decent matchup and I am keen for it. But...

1/ What state is boxing in when interim titles are being defended? No, it's not the first time it's been done and sadly it won't be the last. But interim titles are for when a reigning champion is unable to defend their title due to injury and once someone has attained the interim title they are meant to fight the reigning champion upon his resumption. Simply creating another title out of an interim title is bullshit.

2/ How does a loss last fight qualify a fighter to be the challenger for a title? Yes, that's happened before too but that doesn't mean it's not bullshit.
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Zhang burst Joyce's bubble and his eye too.
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