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Juan Manuel Marquez v Miguel Cotto at 147 next?

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N matter what happens tonight I think this is a fight that should happen. They have never really been in the same weight division for this to become relevant but there is an opening for this fight to happen no matter what goes down tonight. It's a real interesting fight and I'd love to see how it went down. i really hope this happens.
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I think it has the styles for a great fight. Cotto is an offensive fighter but he boxes behind a jab and applies thoughtful pressure and boxes well using good movement, he would have to force the pace so he would be create openings for Marquez to counter him and although smaller in weight/bulk I think Marquez is clever enough to pick his shots and stay on the move.

Cotto tends to slow down the line and aside from Pacquaio 3 (which was horrendous tactics and cost him the fight ultimately) Marquez tends to get stronger as it gets late so it would be interesting how they strategized for it.

great fight in the making imo and Cotto can easy make 147 as well imo, he only moved up as welterweight was stacked and he needed to rebuild at the time. His time at LMW has been virtually a disaster.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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