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Juan Manuel Marquez v Miguel Cotto at 147 next?

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N matter what happens tonight I think this is a fight that should happen. They have never really been in the same weight division for this to become relevant but there is an opening for this fight to happen no matter what goes down tonight. It's a real interesting fight and I'd love to see how it went down. i really hope this happens.
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Cotto should be way too big but I just checked and interestingly they have the exact same height and reach. I'd expect Cotto to be nearly a stone heavier on fight night though so I'd imagine he'll just bully and beat down Marquez. There's the chance that making 147 again would drain Cotto too much but then it wouldn't be fun to watch if this was the case either.
Agreed. It was more of a response to Roe's suggestion that Cotto would just bully JMM.
Providing he wasn't completely weight drained I think he would. I'm not saying any bigger fighter would, I just think someone of Cotto's level would be able to apply pressure well and would eventually wear him down.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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