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Just Bought A 'Mike Tyson' Energy Drink @ Tesco's *pics*

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Took Me by suprise! Havnt tried it yet, but had to get one out of princple... Red Bull gives you wings, hopefully this will gimme A better left hook :bbb

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yeah slick bottle init doug, looks like its gonna taste mean lol...

@ scrappylinks, yeah i thought the same mate, hope hes not getting shifted...

ill let you guys kno what it tastes like when i drink it, waiting for it to get chilled in the fridge first haha...
lol now you guys said that i feel wrong about saying what it taste like... it taste like red bull *no *****
:bart You should have bought SNV's energy drink.
snv, whos that? :think

i think i guessed it... sugar nikolai valuev :yep hahaha
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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