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Just watched Canelo - Lopez

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Full fight is on YouTube (albeit a bit jumpy)

It was hard to gauge just how good Alvarez was, when we consider it was a Light middleweight up against a Light Welterweight. He worked the left to the body well, and the jab has improved. The right over the top, and hia combination punching was also pretty good. But his defence still looks leaky (could you get more Mexican if you tried). But of course that could be because he had zero respect for lopez's power.

In the end, the lighter man was overwhelmed and bashed up, just like everyone thought.

Where do both go from here?

Lopez obviously drops back down to at least Welter, but does Canelo get his shot at money may? Cotto - Trout winner down the line?
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He should go in with Bundrage next, it would be a unification (even if he has to immediately give it up - or would he being a Mexican?) against a veteran boxer who is proven at the weight. He should win but K9 would at least be posing as a world level boxer who is adept at the weight.

After that he should fight Kirkland who is also beatable but can bang a little bit. Once through these then he should start setting his sights on Cotto and Mayweather etc. he is 22, there is no need to jump into these fights and imo he is still too green for the elite boxers.

Molina would be a quality scrap but I doubt GBP pull the trigger on that one. Molina is as good an example of a high risk, low reward fighter as there is at the minute.
Molina is a horrible opponent in my view. Bobbing, weaving, holding, no power and designed to make anyone look bad. The only entertainment he could provide would be if Canelo starts catching him and he gets laid out!
I like watching him, he is awkward but he can be quite an aggressive fighter at times. Never seen the guy lose clean yet so hes deserving of some more big fights.
Canelo winning KO off the night:-(

Lopez was still on his feet when the fight ended
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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