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Just watched Canelo - Lopez

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Full fight is on YouTube (albeit a bit jumpy)

It was hard to gauge just how good Alvarez was, when we consider it was a Light middleweight up against a Light Welterweight. He worked the left to the body well, and the jab has improved. The right over the top, and hia combination punching was also pretty good. But his defence still looks leaky (could you get more Mexican if you tried). But of course that could be because he had zero respect for lopez's power.

In the end, the lighter man was overwhelmed and bashed up, just like everyone thought.

Where do both go from here?

Lopez obviously drops back down to at least Welter, but does Canelo get his shot at money may? Cotto - Trout winner down the line?
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Canelo is bad for boxing, he has not face one top 154lb fighter and last night fought a super lightweight, yet holds a belt. All the talk of Chavez being spoon-fed but Canelo gets it even easier.
I think that's a little unfair. Sergio was Chavez's first legitimate championship fight, so it's not like there's a massive gap between the two. Alvarez was looking for a better fighter to tackle, Paul Williams, and lost out on that fight for obvious reasons. Then he went for Kirkland, who negotiated himself out of the fight. Then he wanted Ortiz, who got his faced smashed in. He, and GBP, obviously want bigger fights.

Alvarez's recent foes aren't dissimilar to Chavez's. Gomez, Cintron and Mosley are all faded contenders and, in Gomez's case, undersized. Chavez's include Lee, Rubio, Manfredo and Zbik. Neither have set it alight recently.

I'll wait till we see who Saul fights next before criticising. And, in fairness, Junior spent 11 rounds getting battered against his first world-class opponent.
I agree they have both had it easy but I'm saying, Canelo seems to be the guy with all the respect yet in my eyes he is fighting weaker contenders than Chavez has been.
Apparently Canelo got the bonus last night for best ko, which is utter bullshit, he was fighting a tubby 140lber, that money should have been Maidanas!

I've only really half seen this fight as it happened (had two screens with Martinez on the other) but it looked like we all predicted where Lopez would just get smashed because he's too small. I do rate Alvarez really highly but it's getting annoying how he's still not fought anyone decent at light middle. I think he could beat Cotto so hope that gets made next (even though I'd love Miguel to thump him).

And although it's hard to criticise him, I think Lopez fought the wrong fight as well. He seemed to be too willing to trade with Canelo. His tactic should've been to constantly backpeddle and only throw one or two shots at a time. Of course easier said than done, but a light welterweight going to war with a big light middleweight isn't a good idea.
Precisely, I rate him like everyone else, but I cant look past the fact that he is fighting sub par opposition. Lopez was silly for taking the fight imo, he was never going to win, it was almost like his victory over Ortiz gave him a false sense of elevation, as if he was suddenly some sort of underdog with the ko power. I want Canelo to fight a top 10 154lb fighter next, its time to step it up big time.
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