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Kelly Pavlik V Arthur Abraham: The big fight that never happened!!!

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Looking back now, its hard to imagine that this was one of the biggest and most sought after fights in the world of boxing. Both men were undefeated knock-out artists fighting in the same division, both were considered guys that could dominate in the future.

It all went wrong after Pavlik went looking for the Calzaghe fight, believing he would destroy Hopkins better than Joe did. The fight could still have been big though but Abraham decided to enter the super six and Pavlik made a repeat of his Calzaghe mistake when he offered to show Williams he could do a better job on Martinez.

Since then Pavlik has had well publisized alcohol problems and looked unimpressive against a string of B-level fighters before retiring and Abraham was exposed massively as a super-middle against Froch and Ward before tonights beat down in 4 of Stieglitz.

So anther case of burnt cake but who would have won when they both looked like superstars,
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Pavlik would win on activity

Abrahams workrate is criminal
Ah, activity. That old thing. By that reckoning, Abraham never beats anyone.

At their peaks when both were unbeaten at middleweight I'd pick Abraham to stop Pavlik mid to late rounds.
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