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Kessler - Froch 2 as good as done

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It's no longer a question if, but only when, Carl Froch will have his rematch against Mikkel Kessler. Whether it should be in May or June next year. While Mikkel Kessler has has made short business in his latest 3 fights by KOing Boudla in the 6th, Green in the 4th and Magee in the 3rd, his promoter Kalle Sauerland has been even so fast in brokering a deal with the Froch camp.

Simple deal

Ekstra Bladet can reveal today that a signed deal is not far away. In fact it should become a reality within 8-10 days
- The deal we have to make is simple. It could be done in 5 minutes. I expect we got a deal before Christmas, says Carl Froch's promotor, Eddie Hearn, to Ekstra Bladet.

The same is heard from the Kessler camp.
- The negotiation is pretty straight forward. Eddie Hearn and Carl Froch want this fight and so do Mikkel and I. If everything goes as smoothly as our previous negotiations, we should be able to seal the deal before Christmas Kalle Sauerland ads.

Finances are in place

Apparently the finances won't lead to disagreement between the parties either.
- Mikkel has the WBA belt, Carl has the IBF's. They're fighting for those 2 belts so the logical thing would be to split the pot equally. They should be paid the same for that fight, Eddie Hearn concludes.

According to Ekstra Bladet's information they're negotiating, that Mikkel Kessler and Carl Froch each should receive 2 million dollar for the double championship fight

Tremendous fight

- We're still talking with Lucian Bute about the rematch, we agreed Carl will fight early 2013. But we would rather make the fight against Kessler. It's a larger fight, with more money and it's the fight the boxing world wants to see, says Carl Froch's promotor Eddie Hearn, to Ekstra Bladet. In 2010 the Kessler-Froch fight made Round Of the Year in international boxing. A tremendous fight over 12 rounds, where Kessler won a very narrow victory.
- Kessler and Froch match-up so well that the upcoming fight could become Fight of The Year in international boxing, Kalle Sauerland thinks.

To be set in England

The 2 promoters won't disagree on much in the soon to come deal. Eddie Hearn and Kalle Sauerland also agree that the fight should be set on English soil.
- The Froch camp wants the fight in Carl's home city of Nottingham, while we're more interested in having the fight in London or Manchester, where there is better access from danish airports. We'd rather see it in London which will guarantee thousands of danish Kessler-fans traveling to England, Kalle Sauerland remarks.

The 2 promoters have been in contact today and expect to continue talks further during this week.

- For us, it's not decisive whether the fight is in April, May or June. You can say that if it will be in April or May it should be in the either in the O2 Arena in London or in Manchester, where there can be seated 18.000-20.000. On the other hand a June fight could be outdoors in Nottingham, Eddie Hearn concludes.
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I'm still confused as to what will happen with Bute/Stevenson though, is that being put to the side?
ye it wouldnt be great if Froch didnt follow through on a contractual agreement, but surely Bute could be convinced to wait, lets be honest hes getting fucked again when it happens

as for Stevenson, his punch resistance means that would be easy for Froch, pointless fight, just drop the IBF if they insist
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