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Khan at it again, says he wants to fight Mayweather Jnr!

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When will he ever learn, one win over a C level fighter aint done shot for you son. Sort out welterweight, if you can beat Garcia, Rios, Matthysse and Peterson then people might listen to you. For now, you just look like a clown, again!!!

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Not said anything too bad there imo. Everyone around the weight probably dreams of a big Mayweather fight, or at least they should be. Good luck to him with it though...
Yeah but whe he's doing that he generally looks past opponents. Garcia TKO again for me
tbf the Garcia (and Peterson) loss was nothing to do with looking past someone, it's more to do with the fact he wont be able to avoid being hit by a big left hook from a puncher with a great left hook for 12 rounds at world level when he has a slack defence. Youre right Garcia will probably stop him again unless Khan changes quickly
He was pretty arrogant in the build up, I think he watched the first Morales fight and thought cause Erik boxed his head of for the first 4-5 rounds that he would breeze past him. He shouldn't be quite as cocky this time but he has the mindset that everything is someone elses fault and until he sorts that then hes going to keep losing fights imo.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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