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Khan/Diaz, Wilder/Audley, Martinez/Murray, Garcia/Judah RbR

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I know it's early, but the card is already under way

@Hitmandann: Big win for Terry Flannigan. Nate Campbell did nothing and retired at the end of round 4 citing a hand injury

Adrien Gonzalez W Marc Callaghan, who sustains a shoulder injury and is retired by his corner at the end of round two #khandiaz

David Allen KOs Mihailov 2m 45 into round one
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Not surprised by the first spoiler, TBH.

I was going to have a look and see what odds I could've got for it, but I didn't see anyone listing the method of victory.
I'm looking forward to Skyes vs Kays on the Khan bill.

Sykes is almost always in an entertaining fight, while Kays showed he can box at a decent level in the Walsh fight.
Sykes with a clean sweep of the second half of the fight to win a comfortable decision for me.
Anthony Joshua ringside next to Schaefer... :hey
Just need to watch Naoya Inoue on how to perform on your debut; he is the benchmark :yep
Martinez-Murray to be shown at 1:15am over here due to weather...
With Martinez-Murray on at 1:15am, will we still see the undercard?

Would be missing out on some good fights if not.
Cambell has always been a useless cunt lets be honest.
I think you should just stop posting tonight, mate.
Cambells best win was against Juan Diaz who was very average, he has done practically nothing but loose since that fight he has never impressed me.
FFS lad...
1 - 10 of 486 Posts
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