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Khan/Diaz, Wilder/Audley, Martinez/Murray, Garcia/Judah RbR

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I know it's early, but the card is already under way

@Hitmandann: Big win for Terry Flannigan. Nate Campbell did nothing and retired at the end of round 4 citing a hand injury

Adrien Gonzalez W Marc Callaghan, who sustains a shoulder injury and is retired by his corner at the end of round two #khandiaz

David Allen KOs Mihailov 2m 45 into round one
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Shut the fuck up.
Which is exactly the thought everybody has when Wilder does that stupid fucking chant. He can learn something from this.
I actually think Diaz can do it.
I don't think he will but he has the timing and power to cause a problem.

wont be in the lounge because im watching my mate BUNCE and crolla (hes hott) on boxnation. talk later and thank you for accepting me on the forum im still learning about boxing and look forward to garcia vs judah later
I love you.
Richard Keys and the Reggae Reggae sauce guy would make great swag team champions imo.
Great shout.
Oh, @Pabby. Hey man. Hi. Alright? Who you got winning Garcia - Judah?
Khan still over reaches with that right hand. Diaz only throwing one shot at a time really.
Diaz getting closer with those shots actually. Finding his timing. This could be interesting.
I think Diaz should mix in some uppercuts on the inside. Khan still looking open for them.
Diaz needs to stop looking for one big punch. He's getting his timing closer but if he goes for some combo's he'll get the work done.
Diaz just needs to punch with him. He can do this. It's looking promising after that.
You know what, fuck the commentators, Diaz is landing some nice shots and getting close with some hard shots.

Also, something I noticed ages ago, the fuck does khan do with his back foot when he throws a right hand?
Can somebody go stab that cunt with the FUCKING HORN
1 - 20 of 486 Posts
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