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Khan/Diaz, Wilder/Audley, Martinez/Murray, Garcia/Judah RbR

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I know it's early, but the card is already under way

@Hitmandann: Big win for Terry Flannigan. Nate Campbell did nothing and retired at the end of round 4 citing a hand injury

Adrien Gonzalez W Marc Callaghan, who sustains a shoulder injury and is retired by his corner at the end of round two #khandiaz

David Allen KOs Mihailov 2m 45 into round one
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What lad?
Show started now lads :good
Boxnation delivers.
Shame we didn't get the entire undercard
1-0 Kays. Scored well with the jab and worked the body
Boxnation delivers.
Why didn't they start the show earlier?
Shame we didn't get the entire undercard
Yeah, strange that.
Why didn't they start the show earlier?
1-1 Sykes round for me. Very close again.
2-1 Kays. Sykes really loading up on the left hook, but he's getting carried away here. Kays making him miss
3-1 Kays. Making Sykes miss more and more now. Popping the jab nicely
3-2 Kays. Good round for Sykes. Landed a hard right hand and then went down to he body. Turning point?
3-3 draw. Two on the bounce for Sykes. He's working the body more and more, seems that Kays is feeling the pace a bit now
4-3 Sykes. Gary taking over now. Kays, who was boxing well off the back foot, is now standing toe to toe, which isn't ideal
5-3 Sykes. Massive round for Sykes. Hurt Kays numerous times with lefts to the body. Kays does well to survive that onslaught
Sweet & sour chicken, Special fried rice, chips. :jjj

Sykes is looking for the stoppage, and will likely get it.
6-3 Sykes. Fabulous round that, Kays didn't give an inch until a quadruple left to the body from Sykes. Good stuff from both
Good final round that, Kays giving as good as he got. I have this 96-94 Sykes. Really good fight. Over to the judges....
Sykes with a clean sweep of the second half of the fight to win a comfortable decision for me.
21 - 40 of 486 Posts
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