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Khan v Lopez in April?

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Sources close to the situation have advised that Josesito Lopez (30-5, 18KOs) has emerged as the early frontrunner to face former champion Amir Khan in April.

After suffering back to back defeats, Khan (27-3, 19KOs) returned on Saturday night and dominated Carlos Molina for a TKO in ten. Lopez had a year filled with ups and downs. He moved up to the welterweight division and scored one of the year's biggest upsets with a ninth round stoppage of Victor Ortiz. He then moved up again, to junior middleweight, but bit off more than he could chew when WBC champion Saul Alvarez dropped him three times for a fifth round TKO.

Good fight imo. Lopez is seriously going to try draw Khan into a war. Will he take the bait?:think
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I think its too soon for amir, reckon he needs another gimme and more time with hunter before he's moved in with top guys again.

Not saying lopez is an elite fighter or anything but he can bang thats for sure. Maybe someone like humberto soto if he's still fighting or maybe ajose olesugan??
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