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Klassen launches protest on Tomlinson decision

Golden Gloves has officially protested the decision of Malcolm Klassen's unsuccessful title bid against Will Tomlinson in Australia on Thursday.

Most observers, including many Australians, believed that Klassen beat Tomlinson, but the lopsided scores of the three judges - by seven and nine points (twice) - in favour of the Australian were staggering. While hometown decisions are a given in boxing, what has upset Rodney Berman is the absurdly wide margins.

"Stevie Wonder would have done better than that lot. There is no way Malcolm lost, certainly not by those margins. I'm not letting this rest and have already contacted the IBO."

The IBO system will see a fight tape sent to officials around the world, crucially without commentary. They will report back to the IBO, who could then mandate a rematch.

Ironically, this is what occurred when Gideon Buthelezi was recently gifted a decision over Edrin Dapudong, hence the rematch on June 15.

"Malcolm got screwed over badly," said Colin Nathan, who assisted Bernie Peilman in the corner.

Whether or not Golden Gloves is successful in its bid, what is undeniable is Australian boxing's growing reputation as the "wild west" of boxing where anything goes. Just ask Zolani Morali and Fransie Botha, who both copped major incompetence in their visits Down Under.

The message to SA boxers is clear: you fight in Australia at your peril.
Not the first controversy in the last few years, but is the sport bent in the Land of Oz?

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Boxing in Australia is a joke, ridiculous fights, shit cards and robberies, how does it carry on as it is?

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Flithy judges. Klassen should be appealing to pull these judges back in line.

I don't understand how people seeing Klassen winning so one sided. I had Tomlinson edging out a close decision
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