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Kreshnik Qato vs Matt Hainey (Full Fight Video)

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Well not quite full fight, but close enough..

This was the English title fight from the Weekends Seni Expo show at Excel Arena. Spencer Fearon's Kreshnik Qato challenged Clifton Mitchell's Matt Hainey for the title. A competitive rivalry between the pairs promoters as ever which was shown in build up with the banter flying back and forth.

Some said on facebook 'Fight of the year candidate' and such like plus controversy. So i'm posting for you lot to see for yourselves.

Right defo off to bed this time..
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This was a great fight, action packed, knock downs, electric atmosphere and to consider it happened in a big open exhibition hall with other distractions, was even more remarkable.
Some people will debate the decision, saying Hainey deserved it, but it was a very close fight. I didnt score the rounds but overall I felt that Hainey deserved it, but that could be my impression due to
Hainey winning his rounds bigger. The referee provided fortune to both fighters at different stages of the fight. For example, I think it was near the end of the third round, when Qato got knocked down, he was taking a hammering and was on the brink of getting stopped, but the referee broke up the onslaught to allow a misplaced gumshield to put back in - he didnt wait for a break in the action, rather he broke them up. But then in the later rounds, 8th or 9th, Qato knocked Hainey down, Hainey momentarily touched down with one hand and I thought the ref should have issued a count, but he didnt.

Great fight and a credit to both fighters and their fans who were brilliant. I would say that has to be a candidate for fight of the year.
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