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Laszlo Papp: how far could he have gone in the pro game?

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He had already established his legacy as one of the amateur game's goats compiling a record of 301-6-12 and becoming the first 3 times olympic gold medallist.

As he turned pro he went unbeaten in his first 29 fights defeating men such as Jones, Christensen, Mueller and Folledo. He was forced into retirement by the communist government ruling Hungary.

How far could he have gone in that era as a professional? Fullmer, Giardello, Tiger, Griffith, Benvenuti, could he have beaten these guys and secured a legacy as a MW great?

Or would he have failed to delivery as so many promising amateurs do?
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He'd have done better if he'd turned pro' earlier.

Given how he was looking, in his late 30s as well, I'd say he'd have mixed in the top class but not won a title.

Shame he couldn't get down to 154. In the mix with Moyer, Mazzinghi and Dupas he could win a World title, if nothing else the bouts would be terrific.
@DonBoxer Hand troubles kept him out as far as I know.
@lufcrazy my next 'flashback' will be up some point this evening :good
I stumbled across him because I saw him in the hof despite a very thin resume. however the legend that is @Flea Man has wrote a quality article on the man :good
Thanks again Sir :good Glad you enjoyed it.
@wrimc Nice theory, what I heard is that they were tired of him going abroad and making money. But an amalgam of all theories as the real answer wouldn't surprise me.
1 - 5 of 21 Posts
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