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Lets score old fights. CHB Scorecard Club: Starting with De la Hoya-Trinidad!

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I was thinking someone comes up with a close or contested fight and then a few of us all score it and discuss our cards.

Anyone up for this?

1st Fight De La Hoya- Trinidad

Watch and post your scorecards! (or if you already have a card for it then feel free to post that)
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Oscar De La Hoya-Felix Trinidad:

1971791: 116-112 DLH
Danny: 116-112 DLH
Lunny: 115-113 DLH
Oscar v Trinidad, Mosley or Sturm
Good shouts. I'm up for one of them, which one?
:lol: There's always some cunt who gets there first. Yeah, that's EXACTLY what I'm thinking for the thread.
Couldn't find a good vid. Fuck it, gonna do the Trinidad fight.
Round 2: Tito 10-9.
Round 3: Oscar 10-9.
Round 4: Tito 10-9.
Round 5: Oscar 10-9.
Round 6: Oscar 10-9.
Round 7: Oscar 10-9.
Round 8: Oscar 10-9.
Round 9: Oscar 10-9.
Round 10: Tito 10-9.
Round 11: Tito 10-9.
Round 12: Tito 10-9.

115-113 DLH

Same as you 2 except the 1st which I gave to Tito based on DLH barely doing anything. Close round though. There may have been a couple more close rounds in there. I don't think the decision was as bad as has been made out, it was still shit though.
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Anyone else fancy getting in on this or suggesting another fight? We could get a second fight going and people are free to score any fight we've previously done and have their scorecards added to the list.
1 - 7 of 12 Posts
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