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Better win over Vitali?

Lewis or Byrd: Who has the better win over Vitali?

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As we all know, both fights ended in inconclusive fashion with Vitali pulling out due to a torn rotator cuff in the Byrd fight, while he was ruled out by a cut against Lewis.

Both fights, also, were put together at late notice; Byrd stepping in at a weeks notice, while Vitali had double that time to prepare for Lewis.

Lewis was a comfortable favourite; Byrd a big underdog.

Lewis was out of shape but matched up to Vitali physically; Byrd was massively outsized.

Lewis was fighting in LA as the home fighter; Byrd had to travel to Germany.

It's generally accepted Lewis took 2 of the 6 rounds against Vitali, and Byrd managed 2 of 9.

Lewis inflicted the damage to force the stoppage; Vitali opted to not carry on against Byrd


I'm certain I know what win will be deemed better, but how big do you believe the gap is between them?
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Lewis by a country mile, his fight with Vitali could have gone anywhere. He was coming back into the fight in a big way after a rocky start, started holding his ground and landing his own big shots. Personally I feel that Lewis could have stopped Vitali somewhere along the way without the cut.

Byrd was on a hiding to nothing until Vitali got injured, getting dominated.
It was actually competitive, with Byrd coming on strong before Vitali pulled out. 'Outworked' is the word I think you're looking for, as he certainly wasn't dominated.
Cant remember it being all that competitive, haven't watched it in years though. Must give it another watch soon.
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