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Better win over Vitali?

Lewis or Byrd: Who has the better win over Vitali?

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As we all know, both fights ended in inconclusive fashion with Vitali pulling out due to a torn rotator cuff in the Byrd fight, while he was ruled out by a cut against Lewis.

Both fights, also, were put together at late notice; Byrd stepping in at a weeks notice, while Vitali had double that time to prepare for Lewis.

Lewis was a comfortable favourite; Byrd a big underdog.

Lewis was out of shape but matched up to Vitali physically; Byrd was massively outsized.

Lewis was fighting in LA as the home fighter; Byrd had to travel to Germany.

It's generally accepted Lewis took 2 of the 6 rounds against Vitali, and Byrd managed 2 of 9.

Lewis inflicted the damage to force the stoppage; Vitali opted to not carry on against Byrd


I'm certain I know what win will be deemed better, but how big do you believe the gap is between them?
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Byrd was losing badly with very little hope of winning until Vitali injured his arm. Lewis punched open a cut and forced a stoppage in a back-and-forth brawl, with the tide gradually turning in Lennox's favor as the fight went on.

I mean, sure, we can cite how Byrd had to travel to Germany and how he was a big underdog, etc. But the manner in which Lewis won in is far more impressive.
Which would you prefer, if you were fighting Vitali Klitschko?

Would you rather inflict enough punishment so that the fight must be stopped or would you rather him suffer an injury whilst you're clearly behind, making him unable to continue?
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