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lightweights prizefighter

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list of fighters so far looks a good show in prospect:

Derry Mathews
Patrick Liam Walsh
Stephen Jennings
Gary Sykes
Terry Needham
Joe Tonks
nathan brough
kieran farrell
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I think Crolla needs this personally, though I'm surprised they've actually taken it.

I suppose it's different to the quick knockover job, he's got a lot of ability but he's GOT to box. This ''plodding around with the earmuffs on getting hit all night'' style is going to ruin him.

Gallagher is a good trainer but he's in a shocking run of form lately. Time to take a LONG look in the mirror and look at what they're doing.

There's only Quigg in the gym that wasn't banged out in his last major fight... and he was dropped against Jamie Arthur.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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