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Live Boxing: Alisher Rahimov vs Denis Shafikov - Updates & Discussion

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Anyone watching?

Interesting European fight at lightweight happening in Russia right now. Half way through.

I've missed the first 6 rounds but according to @sweetboxing on twitter:

"Denis Shafikov is showing a superior arsenal to what Alisher Rahimov possesses."
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Good 7th for Shafikov. Working well to the body and blocking most of Rahimov's shots.
Shafikov's an awkward guy. Rahimov really having trouble landing any combinations. DS shakes his opponent at the end of the 8th. Looks in control.
Russian guy reading out the scores half way through the 9th. Not sure what he said - obviously Shafikov is winning. The crowd cheer.

Shafikov would be an interesting fight against any of the top guys at lightweight. I guess the plan is for him to get a shot at Broner's vacated WBC belt. It's the first time I've seen him and he's looking pretty good. Has a good range of attacks, solid defence and an awkward southpaw stance.
:lol: Rahimov punches him in the bollocks and Shafikov rolls around on the floor for a few seconds. Referee doesn't take a point or even warn him.
"@sweetboxing: Well, Rahimov finally figured out how to stop Shafikov in his tracks...hit him in the balls. 2 rounds to go before Shafikov wins."

And he does it AGAIN in the 11th. Shafikov looks both pissed off and actually hurt as well. It was a right uppercut that was clearly below the belt. Ref still doesn't appear to be doing anything though.
Ok no he does take a point. Not that it means much now.
:lol: Fuck sake. Shafikov rolling around one more time in the final minute of the 11th. Another right uppercut below the belt.
Well it's been stopped but I've got no idea what's going on here. :lol:

Shafikov's sat on his stool looking annoyed. I take it Rahimov's been disqualified..

:lol: Well that was fun anyway. Shafikov wins by DQ (we think) in the 11th. 4 or 5 ridiculously low shots by Rahimov in the last few rounds and eventually Shafikov pretty much just gave up and the ref rightly ruled the disqualification.
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