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Live Boxing: Floyd Mayweather vs Robert Guerrero (+ undercard) - Updates & Discussion RBR

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Showtime's pre-fight show starts at midnight UK/Ireland time. Then around 2:15-ish we've got:

2:15 - J'Leon Love vs Gabriel Rosado

3:00 - Leo Santa Cruz vs Alexander Munoz

3:45 - Daniel Ponce de Leon vs Abner Mares

4:30 - Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Robert Guerrero

Times are estimates, but Mayweather/Guerrero definitely won't happen until at earliest 4am our time.


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Was never one of my favourites, TBH. Well other than that kamikaze move where he stabs himself with his sword, where you have a very small chance of actually hitting the other person for the one hit win :yep
Must have wasted an entire day trying to do that! Got it like 2-3 times at most. Much prefer the likes of Eddie Gordo :deal

I need to get Tekken Tag 2.

I'm always up for kicking people's ass on Tekken 6 (PS3) if anyone wants to be humiliated. :hey

On topic - WAR Mayweather :ibutt
I dunno, Mayweather just looks different. Like he's been gone for years. Seems a lot smaller.
I just got a bad feeling about tonight. I hope not, I love Floyd as a fighter. But I won't relax for this fight until it's over (if Floyd loses, I won't relax at all).
Massive props to Mayweather if he comes out to the ghostbusters theme tune
This, I was gutted when Hopkins missed his opportunity, I need Floyd to do it! WAR Floyd!!! :ibutt
Did he even have music? or just lil wayne talking shit?
Honestly, it's one of the few times I'm glad I suffer from pretty bad hearing loss, as I couldn't make out a word/sound that Lil' Wayne was coming out with. I'm glad for that fact.
Bama - get off Nuff's account!
90-81 Floyd. Guerrero did well there. He looked out of it in the 8th, but came back strong. Didn't win the round tho
RG's best round, but he spent so much energy and gained absolutely nothing.
guerrero holding his hands up like he's won :booth
It's close! You never know!
Robbery. 120, or 119 at worst.
Those straight rights to the body in the 8th (i think) were a thing of beauty.
1 - 9 of 168 Posts
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