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Live Boxing: Floyd Mayweather vs Robert Guerrero (+ undercard) - Updates & Discussion RBR

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Showtime's pre-fight show starts at midnight UK/Ireland time. Then around 2:15-ish we've got:

2:15 - J'Leon Love vs Gabriel Rosado

3:00 - Leo Santa Cruz vs Alexander Munoz

3:45 - Daniel Ponce de Leon vs Abner Mares

4:30 - Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Robert Guerrero

Times are estimates, but Mayweather/Guerrero definitely won't happen until at earliest 4am our time.


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Martin Murray is quickly becoming one of my favourite British boxers. His attitude and the way he speaks is brilliant. Prefer him over Macklin and Barker right now for sure. Although I like all three.
Love/Rosado is up first.
I've lost concentration watching this first fight already :-(

Might just go to bed like a wimp then watch it all properly in the morning.
No sleep, deprivation.
Love down!

Rosado's winning this. Unless he gets robbed.
Beautiful sharp overhand right on the inside as the pair trade. Love left himself wide open.
Why watch the fight if you know what was going to happen?
:huh Because it's boxing? And Mayweather is still one of the best in the world. What boxing fan wouldn't watch it?

But it was always obvious how it was gonna play out. Guerrero is tough and full credit to him for taking the fight to Floyd but he was always gonna get ripped apart on the inside and potshotted on the outside. The only surprise for me was that Mayweather didn't finish the show with a knockout, but then he claimed to have hurt his hand and didn't look for the stoppage in the last few rounds.

Respect to Mayweather still though. To take time off and still come back as sharp as he does every time is a terrific achievement.

I think Canelo beats him if that happens though. If it doesn't and Mayweather does fight in September, his options aren't looking very good at the moment. All the best challengers at welterweight are with top rank.
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On 'knowing' what was goin to happen, I hope you cash in on that at the bookies, I'd be a billionaire if I knew how fights were going to play out
:lol: If Mayweather wasn't 1/12 I think we might have.
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