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Live Boxing: Floyd Mayweather vs Robert Guerrero (+ undercard) - Updates & Discussion RBR

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Showtime's pre-fight show starts at midnight UK/Ireland time. Then around 2:15-ish we've got:

2:15 - J'Leon Love vs Gabriel Rosado

3:00 - Leo Santa Cruz vs Alexander Munoz

3:45 - Daniel Ponce de Leon vs Abner Mares

4:30 - Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Robert Guerrero

Times are estimates, but Mayweather/Guerrero definitely won't happen until at earliest 4am our time.


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Had to watch this again tonight. What a crazy fucking fight. I wonder...
Fuck, PPV prices are disgraceful. People gotta fight the power.
Richard Schafer looks like he's into golden showers.

"It's almost even betting odds"

Lel, fuck off.
Man, Kell must be fucking fuming. Khan might be getting his shot against Alexander. That's some sad shit. Shoulda took the Bradley fight.
Would've liked to have seen Ortiz vs. Guerrero before this fight. Think they would match up excellently.
Man, I miss the MGM. I'd give anything to be there for fight week. That place is gorgeous.
Good fight, this. Someone's getting clocked.

I've lost concentration watching this first fight already :-(

Might just go to bed like a wimp then watch it all properly in the morning.
Hard work, dedication.
Are the Mayweather's really good trainers or is it a Calzaghe situation?
I don't know man, for all the talk of American fighters, a lot of them are really bad technically. Guys I can think of at the top of my head who are pretty fucking good are Ward, Mayweather, Gary Russell, Broner's got potential but no real resume, Bradley. Alexander's pretty flawed off the backfoot. I don't know man, their style just doesn't seem to be as dominating as in the past.

It really does feel like since we've lost Steward, there's really not many old school trainers passing on this information. It seems more based on natural talent and athleticism rather than Hopkins style expert chess boxing. I don't believe in trainers like Virgil Hunter or Buddy McGirt. Brother Naz is good but nobody seems to fucking listen to him except B-Hop (Mosley was infuriating to watch when he had Naz in his corner).
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I don't think Murray can beat Chavez. Not because he's not good enough, just because they'll be such a strong bias, especially in Mexico.
It's a sin Macklin-Barker-Murray haven't tangled yet. I think it's cool that Sexy Sergio has fought all three, knocking two of them out. That's a good piece of his resume for me. If the trio can live up to their hype and go on to do well in the next five years or so, it'll strengthen Sergio's resume greatly.

Mayweather really does look quite ancient now.
How well is Murray coming across? What a top bloke.
No ego whatsoever. Hard not to get behind the guy. Even Barker is a proper nice guy. The only one who's got a bit of an ego is Macklin, but even he's not a dick.
How would you rank them at the moment? People are saying Barker is maturing but I'm not sure, I have him behind Murray and Macklin.
I think you have to put Murray at the top, purely because he did better against Martinez. Then Macklin, then Barker. I think Barker would beat Macklin, and a Murray fight would be a toss up. Murray would probably beat Macklin.

At the very least, one of them need to get an Andy Lee fight.

Christ, Santa Cruz gave this guy a fucking pasting.
Nice guy, Santa Cruz.

Wish more guys knew when to reel it in though.
I'm really pumped for this fight, man. This is a big Mayweather fight, we're gonna get a lot of answers tonight. The future of his career rests on his performance. He could look the same as ever or fucking awful.
Fucking hell, Danny. Take those ridiculous specs off.
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