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Live Boxing: Floyd Mayweather vs Robert Guerrero (+ undercard) - Updates & Discussion RBR

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Showtime's pre-fight show starts at midnight UK/Ireland time. Then around 2:15-ish we've got:

2:15 - J'Leon Love vs Gabriel Rosado

3:00 - Leo Santa Cruz vs Alexander Munoz

3:45 - Daniel Ponce de Leon vs Abner Mares

4:30 - Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Robert Guerrero

Times are estimates, but Mayweather/Guerrero definitely won't happen until at earliest 4am our time.


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Was never one of my favourites, TBH. Well other than that kamikaze move where he stabs himself with his sword, where you have a very small chance of actually hitting the other person for the one hit win :yep
That is nostalgia right there. Ditto though, didn't really take to Yoshimitsu too much other than that.

Kazuya was my dude.
I just want some Leo at some point.

That can be interpreted as **** if needs be.
Love looking like a heavier, worse G-Brones when he goes on the front foot like that.
Granted I wasn't scoring, but it doesn't strike me as a robbery or anything like that. 97-92 is poor though. Very poor.
Yaaaaaaay Teremoto! Munoz sure likes fighting my dudes.:yep
Almost as good a job as Mijares did.:hey

Munoz was just too old to have anywhere near the mobility to deal with Santa Cruz, nor did he have a hope of matching his output. Surprised they even let him out for that round. Was a decent enough fight to bed him into the weight with though, hopefully he gets a relatively big fight next.
I love Ponce and all, and his back story as well, but regardless of that I can't co-sign the hair.
Ponce is landing a decent amount of punches himself but so many of them are cuffing shots, Mares is turning his over much better and his work is just coming across as more effective.
Mares definitely looking a little fatigued right now. Doing the type of thing he did in similar circumstances against Moreno and just timing his offensive bursts rather than maintaining a sustained attack. I think Ponce could've done with more right hands tonight, he landed some decent ones on the rare occasions he let them go but way too few and far between.
I'm glad me and Mares have gotten over our rocky patch around the Agbeko fight, dude has won me back over again.:yep Dude is a P4P fighter though and has been for a while, hopefully he'll be given credit for that by the majority now.
The first two rounds were close enough as Mayweather was finding his rhythm a bit and seemed to be forcing a decent proportion of his work. He still probably took both of them. Third and fourth more comprehensive though.
Shout out Philip Schofield with Evander Holyfield.
1 - 12 of 168 Posts
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