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Live Boxing: John McDermott vs Matt Skelton - Updates & Discussion

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Join us for updates and discussion on tonight's boxing live as it happens.

From the York Hall, Bethnal Green, John McDermott and Matt Skelton battle for the vacant English Heavyweight title - live on Loaded TV (Sky Channel 200).

A free video stream is available here -

Check out our fight preview by @Vano-irons -

The undercard features an 8 round contest between unbeaten Scottish heavyweight Gary Cornish (13-0, 5 KOs) and Portuguese serial loser Humberto Evora. Also on the bill, Ahmet Patterson, 25, takes on the former British title challenger Max Maxwell in a Welterweight clash.
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Looking forward to this

McDermott on points.
I have spoilers of the Cornish fight, but don't no how to do the spoiler symbol
Cornish result

He was down in the first, but won via 4th round stoppage. Opponent retired with hand injury
Cheers Roe. I thought that's how you did it, but I didn't want to chance it incase it didn't work :lol:
Maxwell is naturally a lot bigger. Could pose a real test here
Really good from Patterson. Maxwell looking very sluggish
Maxwell hasn't turned up at all tonight. I'd be very surprised if we see him in the ring again
His trainer was saying after the Mansouri fight that this will be his last season as he isn't the fighter he used to be.
Yeah I read that Max was considering retiring after the Mansouri fight. He did ok against Ocheing in December. Just don't think he fancied it at all tonight. Shame, as it could have been a big test
John McDermott is always very nervous before fights. He usually has a priest bless him before the ring walk. True story.
Skelton not starting at the pace I expected. McDermott landed a few solid straight rights over the top. 10-9 McDermott
Difficult round to score. I liked McDermott's workrate early, but thought Skelton nicked the round late.

29-28 Skelton
Much better from McDermott. He pushes Skelton back and lands three solid right hands. I have it level after 4
Good from McDermott! I have him 58-56 up. Wasn't such a low shot either IMO
A few solid jabs from McDermott. Even tripling it up. He is taking over IMO.

68-65 John
Really good from McDermott. In total control. That should have been scored a KD as the ropes held Skelton up.

Nonetheless, 78-74 McDermott

Have I called one spot on?
87-84, Skelton round for me. John has this in the bag tho.
Skelton takes the last two, but I have McDermott a 96-95 worthy winner. Pretty clear in my opinion
97-93, 97-94x2 all for the new English heavyweight champion, Big Bad John McDermott

But more importantly, I got one right! :happy
Breaking News: Vano predicts a fight right :yep
:lol: I'm 1-0 for this week!
1 - 20 of 81 Posts
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