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Live Boxing: John McDermott vs Matt Skelton - Updates & Discussion

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Join us for updates and discussion on tonight's boxing live as it happens.

From the York Hall, Bethnal Green, John McDermott and Matt Skelton battle for the vacant English Heavyweight title - live on Loaded TV (Sky Channel 200).

A free video stream is available here -

Check out our fight preview by @Vano-irons -

The undercard features an 8 round contest between unbeaten Scottish heavyweight Gary Cornish (13-0, 5 KOs) and Portuguese serial loser Humberto Evora. Also on the bill, Ahmet Patterson, 25, takes on the former British title challenger Max Maxwell in a Welterweight clash.
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I reckon Skelton will take it on points personally, but it's one of those fights where no outcome would really surprise me.

Dan use [SPOILER ] then [/ SPOILER] but without the gaps.
Worst tv channel ever.

Sound out of sync and looks like it's being filmed from 1983.
is anyone's stream working? nothings happening for me
It doesn't seem to be working on Firefox for some reason. No idea why.

Edit: or use that /live link above. Cheers @tdw :good
'Punch Picker Patterson' is an awful nickname :lol:
Patterson looking pretty strong early on.
30-27 Patterson after 3 rounds. Looking good so far. Maxwell hasn't got into the fight at all yet.
Maxwell more aggressive in the 4th but he's walking onto more shots and is ineffective with most of his work.
40-36 Patterson. Comfortable for him so far.
Ahmet Patterson in full control after 6. 60-54 on my scorecard with 2 rounds to go. Impressive showing.
So it goes the distance. I have Patterson winning every round but we await referee Jeff Hinds' scorecard..
Ref scores it 80-72 to Patterson. Now unbeaten in 8 pro fights.
Ahmet Patterson: "I won every round. Everything we worked on in the gym - we brought it here. I didn't feel the weight difference because I spar with bigger boys, light heavyweights. I want the Southern Area title, I don't care who it is, I want the belt."
Frank Maloney picking McDermott to win. Says John looks really up for it in the dressing room, reminds him of how he was before the Larry O fight - when he sparked him in a round.
Did he just say 'Larry Obarmy'?!
Did Colin Hart just say "Larry Obamu"?
John McDermott is always very nervous before fights. He usually has a priest bless him before the ring walk. True story.
Yeah he does get very emotional before a fight.
Cautious opening round from both but McDermott just about shades it. John flicking out the jab a lot and occasionally firing the overhand right but the two tie up in close.
Skelton roughing things up a bit in the 2nd round and starts to land the cleaner shots. He takes the round for me.
Yeah tough round, I'd just edge to Skelton for the better work.
Good 4th round for McDermott. Landing some big shots and controlling the pace of the fight, backing up Skelton at times. 38-38 even on my scorecard.
1 - 20 of 81 Posts
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