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Live Boxing: Khan vs Molina & Donaire vs Arce - Updates & Discussion

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Join us for updates and discussion on tonight's boxing live as it happens, featuring George Groves vs Glen Johnson, a solid undercard in London and Arthur Abraham in Germany.

Tonight's Schedule

Skeete-Symonds (7.10pm), Buglioni-Healy (8pm), O'Meara-Smith (8.35pm), Saunders-Blackwell (9.40pm), Groves-Johnson (10.45pm)

Abraham shown after.
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Alright lads?
@Jay, I'm logged in as you to watch this, is that OK?
I imagine @Wallet is as well. Knock yourself out - fine by me.
My first post on CHB. Hi guys.
Good evening. Welcome. How did you find out about us?
Seems a decent enough scrap.
To me, Smith just seems to be landing the bigger, cleaner shots, and more often. Rounds are close, scores aren't.
BJS proving once and for all that white men can jump
Jonathan Edwards was very much a let down
Saunders just doesn't seem to either have the power, or can land cleanly enough to make his life easier in this fight.
Bell goes 20 seconds too early :nono
I think Johnson is just trying to soak up as much as he can take from Groves in the hope of just wearing him down/Glen just gassing himself.
Haye does look really small actually. Wow.
Shit, he does. Normally he looks huge, there he almost looks really skinny.
:think I'm not sure how you're keeping up with any of the action considering you don't subscribe to boxnation. Thieving bastard.
Radio :hey
Do another... @Wallet
Can someone help me out? On which channels are Santa Cruz, Khan and Donaire? I'm assuming LSC and Khan are on the same channel and Donaire is on another, what are the times?

Narvaez vs Quijano - Channel 18
Khan vs Molina undercards - Channel 5
Donaire vs Arce - Channel 16
Khan vs Molina - Channel 5

@Jay @Wallet can someone show me how to drive this thing, please?

Just search for boxing. That time is 1 hour ahead of us.
Thank you! I've been scrolling through the channels like a knob-head for fudging ages. The schedule shows shit, how do you know when to watch what?
Just go to the amsterdam schedule (CET), look at the time, then take away 1 hour - that's our time. I've found it easier to just search on page for event i'm looking for.
I'm watching a fight between porter and diaz... :conf

Fuck if I know...
Jimmy Lennon Jr :rofl

"Ladies and Gentlemen we have a split decision. 96:94 to Porter. 96:94 to Diaz. 95:95. It's a draw"

What's wrong with that?
It's a draw, not a split decision.
1 - 19 of 534 Posts
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